January Holidays to Celebrate with Flowers

2019 is finally here! We’re so excited to start a new year, and we’re especially excited to get started on all of our resolutions. If your resolution includes spreading the love, or showing more kindness in your day to day life, we’re here to help! Start this month by sending flowers to loved ones near and far, for one of the many national holidays happening this month.

Hugging Day – January 21st

Hugging day is best celebrated in person, but that’s not always the case. For friends and family far away, send a warm, inviting arrangement to their home or office. We suggest something overflowing, like our best selling Blush Life. Whether you want to send a flower hug just for fun, or to someone who needs a little extra love, let Rosemary Duff do the talking.

Compliment Day – January 24th
Is there anything better than an unexpected compliment? At the grocery store or in the office, a small token of appreciation goes a long way. While you don’t need to wait for National Compliment Day to say something kind, let this day serve as a reason to go above and beyond what you normally do. Giving a coworker or neighbor a custom arrangement can go a long way! We love our small, but stunning Fireworks arrangement for Compliment Day.  

Spouses Day – January 26th
A special day to celebrate your soulmate, National Spouses Day is the perfect time to say thank you for all that your partner does for you. Say I love you with a custom arrangement or bouquet designed and delivered by our talented florists. You can’t go wrong with a traditional rose bouquet, or try something unique like our extravagant arrangement, appropriately titled, Hopelessly Devoted to You. Let your favorite person know just how special they are on the 26th!

All of these fun holidays are right around the corner, and they’re super easy to celebrate with our help. Simply customize your arrangement and order it online. We’ll take care of the rest. If you have any questions for our team, feel free to reach out at 760-745-1191.


Decorate Your Home with Flowers for New Years

If you’re hosting a New Year’s party, you’ll want to prepare your house for the crowd and the festivities. Decorating your home to perfection is easier than ever when you stop by Rosemary Duff. We have plenty of holiday decoration options to choose from, including a wide assortment of live florals that will impress all your guests.

There is nothing prettier and more stunning than draping flowers all over. One of the easiest ways to do that is with garland. Whether wrapped around the staircase, draped over the counter tops in the kitchen or the seating area at the party. This is a great way to get the most florals in your space that can fit anywhere you need them.

One of the most popular ways to bring live flowers into your home over the holidays is a classic centerpiece. These elaborate arrangements come in all shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate your space and style. We can create custom orders, and you can also choose from our signature New Year’s arrangements.

Add one of our centerpieces to the following areas in your home:
– Dessert or appetizer table
– Entry way
– Entertainment center

Flower Petal Drop
One of the most creative ways to use flowers is by making your own ball drop. We love the idea of celebrating the stroke of midnight with a ball drop of flowers and flower petals. You can combine with balloons or confetti to make a lasting impact. Can you say “wow factor”!

Before the ball drops, make sure you come in to see us at Rosemary Duff for all of your decorating needs. 2019 has never looked better. Contact us today to order your custom arrangements.

Best Winter Flowers to Buy This Season

The winter season is a peaceful time that is always spent with friends and family reflecting on the past year. We love to gift flowers this time of year because it can warm up chilly days and brighten up the days that get dark early. Spread some holiday cheer or simply give the gift of kindness with some of these custom arrangements from Rosemary-Duff Florist.

Simple Peaceful
Complete with fresh winter greens, this arrangement is overflowing with seasonal elements that will put anyone in the holiday spirit. This arrangement makes the perfect centerpiece for your next event or a gift to your boss

Perfect Time
Who says winter needs to be dull and gloomy? Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! This abstract arrangement is filled with fun shapes and unique structure. This arrangement is perfect for a centerpiece at a cocktail party.

White Poinsettia
We’ve all seen the typical red poinsettia, but our favorite variation is this white version that we absolutely love! This take on the classic Christmas plant is stunning, and can be paired with almost any decor. This arrangement makes a great gift and can be kept in your home all season long.

Thomas Kinkaid’s Snowfall Dreams Bouquet
This bouquet is an instant classic! Nothing gets you in the spirit quite like a small scene that depicts serene winter,  you feel right at home. Order yours today to make the perfect decor piece at your next party.

Wispy Pines
What is more winter than pine needles? We pair them perfectly with bright red carnations for a contrasted look. This arrangement is completely customizable, making it perfect for your significant other.

Don’t show up to your next holiday event empty handed. Let us do the work for you and create breathtaking arrangements, perfect for any occasion. Order yours online today!

Styled Shoot: Lake Hodges Mountaintop Elopement

We don’t always get to do styled shoots, but when we do, we would prefer our florals to have a mountaintop backdrop! This view was seriously unbeatable and the amazing fact that this location is right in our backyard had us smiling from ear to ear after seeing the photos!

We love working with local vendors and are happy our florals could dazzle this mountaintop elopment shoot. Thanks to Abby Rez Photography for all of the photos!

Holidays To Celebrate This December

Here at Rosemary Duff, we believe there is always a reason to celebrate. December is home to Christmas, but there are so many other reasons to send a loved one flowers. Pick a holiday from the list below, or choose to celebrate all of them!

Poinsettia Day – December 12th
Regarded as a staple during Christmas time, we love that there is an entire day dedicated to this seasonal plant. These “red stars” are perfect for putting anyone on the receiving end into the holiday spirit!

Hanukkah Begins – December 12th
Winter holidays are some of the most celebrated around the world, which includes Hanukkah. This holiday is about being with family today and spreading happiness. We can supply anything you need from custom arrangements to home decorations.

Ugly Sweater Day – December 21
Just because the sweaters are ugly, doesn’t mean the decorations need to be! For all your holiday party decoration needs, come to Rosemary Duff. We have more than custom centerpieces and arrangements, we offer a wide selection of holiday décor items for every style.

Christmas – December 25th
It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! This Christmas, give the gift of warm feelings and true happiness. Visit us online to see all of our Christmas arrangements to choose from.

Thank You Note Day – December 26th
The day after Christmas is the perfect time to say thank you for all the thoughtful gifts you received. Say thank you in a big way with custom floral arrangements made by the talented team at Rosemary Duff. Forget the cards,  bring on the florals!

National Champagne – December 31st
Pop your favorite bottle tonight, and do so over a beautiful arrangement. The best day to celebrate is one dedicated to the drink that is always involved at gatherings.

New Year’s Eve – December 31st
Bring in 2019 with firecrackers that are really just flowers. We have bright, bold flowers available to you to make a statement this New Year’s Eve. Countdown to gorgeous flowers starts NOW!

Don’t settle for boring centerpieces, decoration or arrangements. Let us customize stunning visuals that are sure to wow your guests and loved ones. We offer delivery so you can send flowers from almost anywhere. To get started, visit us online!

5 Ways to Show Kindness

Spend today making friends and family loved! National Kindness Day is the perfect day to spread the love or make someone’s day. Read our blog to get more ideas on what activities to partake in today!

  1. Schedule a day date with a friend, coworker or family member. If there’s someone in your life that you haven’t seen in awhile this is a great opportunity to get together and catch up. Simply reaching out to a friend and let them know you were thinking about them.
  2. Get your family together and take an hour or two to clean up your neighborhood. This act of kindness positively affects your entire community. You can help protect the environment by recycling whatever you can find.
  3. Buy a pack of cards so you can hand write letters to friends and family members. These are perfect right before the holiday season and will completely brighten up someone’s life. Include information like the first time you met each other or their best qualities. This is such a touching activity, it will not go unnoticed!
  4. Spend some quality time in the kitchen if you prefer cooking or baking. Bake cookies that you can share, or plan a fancy dinner that you will enjoy at home with a significant other. Either way, they will enjoy the gesture and feel extra love from you on this day.
  5. Send a custom arrangement to someone you love, near or far. Take an arrangement to a nursing home or your office. We can create breathtaking arrangements that are customized for the recipient. We also offer online ordering that makes the entire process easy.

On this kindness day, we encourage you to feel the love surrounding you and share it outward. At Rosemary Duff, we like to think of everyday as kindness day because flowers are the perfect act of kindness. Contact us today to design your custom arrangement and send it in time for this day.


November Holidays That Call for Florals

November is usually thought of right along with Thanksgiving, but that’s not the only holiday this month. There’s always a reason to celebrate, which means there’s always a reason to send flowers to a loved one or treat yourself to a custom arrangement. Set your calendar reminders for these national holidays and start sharing the love today!

November 5th – Color the World Orange Day

Sharing this staple autumn color is the best way to start a new month. Whether incorporating bright marigolds or small pumpkins, orange will absolutely remind you of this beautiful changing of seasons.

November 7th – Stress Awareness Day

From time to time, day to day life can get ahead of us and cause stress. Stress Awareness Day is dedicated to understanding what causes our stress and how we can stay on top of it. Help someone you love feel better during stressful times and send a custom basket their way.

November 10th – Forget-Me-Not Day

This day is dedicated to disabled veterans that served our country. The flower was used to signify this day for its bright appearance and small structure. Send a bouquet of forget-me-nots to a friend or family member to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them and their struggle.

November 11th – Veterans Day

Veterans Day is for remembering those who have served our country and who are currently serving. Celebrate with loved ones and send a custom arrangement to someone far away to let them know they’re on your mind.

November 13th – World Kindness Day

What better way to show kindness than with a fresh arrangement of florals! World Kindness Day is about showing society kindness and to neighbors near and far. Today is the day to get in touch with neighbors and bring them a floral arrangement or centerpiece to brighten their home. Show kindness to all today!

November 22nd – Thanksgiving

Before the cooking begins, home decorations start to come together to set the mood for this delicious holiday! At Rosemary Duff Florist, we design gorgeous centerpieces that can be used on the dining room table or in your entry way to greet your guests. View our Thanksgiving floral arrangements on our website.

November 24th – Small Business Saturday

As a small, local business, we love seeing new and familiar faces every day. We also love the support we receive from all of our neighbors and California residents. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, shop a small business and help us celebrate our community.