Fall Floral Arrangements Perfect for Halloween

There are signals all around us that the seasons are officially changing. Even in California, the leaves are changing, the air is crisp and here at Rosemary Duff, we’re excited to offer a whole new line of fall flowers just in time to celebrate the spookiest holiday, Halloween. Bring on the fun traditions of costume parties and trick-or-treating and know that we have the decorations covered. Check out the fall floral arrangements that will transform your space!

When sending Halloween spirit near or far, try this subtle arrangement that will surely get your loved ones in the spirit. Orange roses often symbolize enthusiasm, which is exactly what the recipient of these will feel. Just like the pumpkins you carve every year, these are sure to send the Halloween vibe.

A fun option for the kid at heart, our bright and colorful Fields of Autumn arrangement is sure to be a trick and treat. The interesting appearance of the stargazer lilies brings out the abnormal feeling behind Halloween that still keeps it light and fun. Whether you’re trick-or-treating for starbursts, or just showcasing this gorgeous arrangement in your home or office, it gets the message across.   

For a costume party that is sure to leave a lasting impression, dazzle your guests with living decor like our Abundant Basket arrangement. This option is perfect for a centerpiece on the appetizer table or in the entryway to greet guests on their way in.

Don’t forget that Rosemary Duff can create custom arrangements for this holiday! Whether you and a loved one share a special bond during Halloween, or you’re just trying to send spooky spirit to a far away friend, we can help send the perfect message. View all our arrangements online or contact us to learn more about our special accommodations.


October Holidays to Buy Flowers For

October is not only a “spooky” month, but it is also FULL of perfect days and opportunities to give some florals. Most of these holidays are just passed by or not even well known enough to actually celebrate, but we are ready to change that! Here are the top five holidays you should be celebrating with florals in October.

On October 3rd, it is National Boyfriends Day. Boyfriends do not usually except flowers since it is the other way around when it comes to gifting florals. We have perfect baskets designed for moments like this that will add a simple, yet elegant look to a man’s home! Maybe attach some football game tickets with it, just a simple tip.

On October 5th, it is World Teachers Day. This is a perfect day to help your kids celebrate their teachers and all that they do for them. Pick up something bright and beautiful to add something fresh into their classroom. Many teachers do not know about this day, so it will be a pleasant surprise.

On October 16th, it is National Bosses Day. This day can be tricky because it is hard to find the most appropriate gift for your boss, depending on the industry you work in. Consider something a little more professional and zen for this day.

On October 27th, it is Make A Difference Day. This is one of our favorite holidays! You can do whatever you want for this day. Surprise a family member or someone working at the coffee shop down the street. Brighten someone’s day with something beautiful and encourage them to do the same

And on October 31st, it is Halloween! One of our favorite holidays. We must do something black, orange, and spooky! Go wild with this one and maybe get an arrangement for yourself as well.

To place an online order, visit us at www.rdflorist.com or call us at the shop at 760-745-1191. Don’t forget that we have same day, local delivery.


Giving Flowers to Your Boss

A new work week has begun and sometimes going into the office is a struggle. It is hard to remember everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries, let alone being the one to cheer someone up when they have had a bad day. But, when it comes to the people we work for, we are always on the ball. October 16 is National Boss’s Day and we want to help you impress your boss. And trust us, our flowers could be the thing that gets you this year’s Christmas bonus!

Just note, you are not expected to give your boss anything! It just shows kindness and progression (and a little sucking up too!) Consider surprising them with flowers and added extras on days such as their birthdays or anniversaries. You could also help them celebrate major holidays, but do not step all over their beliefs! Know your facts first.

Don’t waste time with little trinkets on the Fourth of July or Halloween goodie bags, go straight with a custom arrangement of flowers to really make a lasting impression. This also means if you need that bonus or raise, you want to think, the bigger the better!

So, how much should you spend? Your main rule should be: go off the dynamic of the office. And then ask yourself some questions: what are you trying to portray? What is your boss’s style? Please note that every office setting is different, so please go about this accordingly.

And most importantly, don’t forget the card so they know who to thank! Remember that we do same day, local delivery. We think getting the flowers delivered directly to their desk will make the biggest impact.

You only have a month until National Boss’s Day, so it’s time to get thinking and place your orders. The early bird always gets the worm (and the raise). Visit us at www.rdflorist.com to place your online order or call us at the shop at 760-745-1191.

Back to School Florals

It is finally back to school and while the kids may be mad you are forcing them to go, we are celebrating a little more freedom, peace, and good education! Going back to school can be scary for new high schoolers, anyone starting college, teachers, and our babies first days at preschool.

Each year is very rewarding for different reasons so we should treat the first day back to school as something very special. Here are different floral ways to celebrate someone’s first day!


Any girl will LOVE a fresh rose arrangement to come home to after a long day of school and activities. At this age, they would also love some chocolate! This is our main pick for their age group!

Don’t forget those growing highschool boys. When they don’t want flowers, load them up with something filling, like our custom snack basket.


Sunflowers, daisies, and everything colorful. Help them add a pop of color to their new dorm, since moving out of the house can be scary! Don’t forget to add a sweet note from mom and dad, since they will be calling everyday and missing home!


All teachers need a little love on the first day and it’s also a great way to say hello! We are so thankful for all they do for our kids every year and even the preparation during the summer! Give them florals that are more low maintenance and something that provides peace in their hectic lives!


We know preschoolers won’t appreciate a delicate flower, so this one is more for the moms. Buy yourself something nice because we understand that this is a hard day! Get yourself some florals and add in a balloon for your child. You need something to cheer you up!

For more floral options and how to order, visit www.rdflorist.com.

Send Flowers in September

Have you looked at the holiday calendar for September yet? Rosemary Duff Florist loves creating different opportunities to spread happiness through florals. Here are five different holidays you should send or order flowers for.

National Pediatric Nurses Day on September 8

A whole day dedicated to those working in the hospital and taking care of kids just like yours. We do not thank our nurses enough for not only supporting parents through tough trials, but befriending our kiddos in the process. Make a nurse’s day today by telling them you appreciate them through a bundle of flowers.

National Grandparents Day on September 9

We all love our grandparents so much! Without them, we literally would not be here… Take some time to call grandma or grandpa to let them know you are thinking of them! Don’t live close? Mail them the florals so they have a beautiful surprise on their doorstep.

National Working Parents Day on September 16

Thank you mom, dad, single parents, hard working parents, stay at home moms, and anybody you know who is working hard while having kids! This is such an important day because we all know someone who this relates to. Take advantage of this time to show your appreciation.

American Business Women’s Day on September 22

We love appreciating women at Rosemary Duff Florist! Who doesn’t love a woman in business? Send her some florals to her desk so she can show off to the entire office! We cannot wait to be a part of this special holiday and all it stands for.

National Good Neighbor Day on September 28

Need a reason to meet the new neighbors, befriend them, or apologize to them for a barking dog? This is your time… It is Good Neighbor Day so let them know they are doing great with florals and some added extras.

Check out any holiday calendar online to learn more about different unknown national holidays YOU can celebrate! Then go to, www.rdflorist.com to put in your floral order…

Why You Should Send Flowers in August?

Sending flowers or buying an arrangement for yourself can happen at anytime of the year, don’t just think about the major holidays and birthdays. Here are some holidays you may not know about in August that florals would be perfect for!

August is actually Romance Awareness Month. That is an AMAZING reason to surprise your loved one with florals! Go with reds, pinks, roses and touches of things like baby’s breath or succulents. Your significant other would love the surprise!

August 1st is National Girlfriends Day. and this can be celebrated two ways! Men, this is for you: take your girlfriend out for a night on the town and bring her flowers. Bring her on a picnic and go with the sunflowers or daisies! And for the ladies…celebrate your best girlfriend by delivering a custom arrangement of her favorite flowers to her work. Nothing says friendship than a yellow rose!

August 5th, is National Sisters Day and National Friendship Day. Where would you be in this life without family and friends? Customize an arrangement and include something extra in it, like a stuffed animal or a box of candies. Ask for hydrangeas or succulents to really make it special.

August 8 is National Happiness Happens Day. Did you know that receiving flowers can only make you happy because it triggers happy brain chemicals? There’s actually scientific evidence that shows flowers perceptively enhance people’s moods, both instantly and in the long term.  Many people believe this has to do with their visual beauty, including the vibrant colors and symmetrical appearance most flowers exhibit, as well as their sweet odors. And when flowers come from friends and loved ones, they’re even more special.

August 25 is National Kiss & Make Up Day. We all make mistakes and flowers are an easy way to fix them. The fastest way to say I’m sorry is through flowers. Think BIG when it comes to this holiday as you have a lot to make up for. And you want to get that kiss in the end, right?

August 27 is National Just Because Day. We will say it time and time again, you never need a reason to send flowers. And in fact, sending flowers, just because, will make you the winner every single time. Whether it’s for family, a friend or co-worker, brighten their day with something that smells good and looks good too…Just because!

When you don’t have the words, say it with flowers. Order your custom arrangement from www.rdflorist.com.

Real Wedding: The Prado at Balboa Park

This wedding started at Mission San Diego de Alcala where the bride and groom exchanged vows. If you haven’t been there yet, this mission church is a must see. Since there was so much history there, we didn’t need to do much, so we lined the pews with white florals and eucalyptus.

Moving to the reception at The Prado at Balboa Park, again, another beautiful place that we get to say is right in our backyard. This is a beautiful and quite large venue that really captures the big wedding feel. We were able to play around with lots of color and got to go BIG. Sweetheart tables have become our thing this year and we are doing them up! Check out the custom florals we added to their table, and matched them throughout the venue.

Thanks to Jarrod J Photography for the photos and to the bride and groom for letting us in on your special day…(or fiesta!).