February Holidays to Buy Flowers For

February is often thought of hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day, but there are so many other holidays to celebrate. From friends to your mail carrier, February is a month-long celebration where you can give flowers to all those you’re thankful for.

February 4 – Thank a Mail Carrier Day
It’s easy to forget how important our mail carriers are because we don’t see them every day, but we always know they’re going to deliver what’s most important. Share the love with them and surprise them with an arrangement custom made for their special day. We recommend choosing something on the smaller size so it’s easy to carry throughout their day.

February 7 – Send a Card to a Friend Day
This day is made for long distance friendships, and so are our flowers! We can help you celebrate your friends from afar. Send them their favorite flowers with a thoughtful card on this day!

February 11 – Make a Friend Day
There is no time like the present to make a new friend. Make a good impression on a neighbor or new coworker and share the gift of a custom flower arrangement. Getting closer to this person will build a strong relationship and maybe a friend for life!

February 14 – Valentine’s Day
Our favorite day of the year because it’s full of love and super busy in the shop! Flowers are a classic gift for Valentine’s Day because they instantly fill you with warmth and other good feelings. Share the love and send someone a custom Valentine arrangement. See our available arrangements here.

February 15 – Singles Awareness Day
This day started as a joke to combat Valentine’s Day, but we love the idea of celebrating your single friends, or yourself! Treat yourself to a custom arrangement, because you deserve it!

February 22 – National California Day
What better state to celebrate than our home state, California. We love our community so much because it has helped us feel so welcomed through the years. Residents can celebrate this day with friends, family and neighbors. Share locally styled arrangements with your loved ones in the Golden State.

There are so many reasons to spend time with loved ones this month. Show that love with custom flower arrangements from Rosemary Duff! We offer online ordering and delivery!


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