January Holidays to Celebrate with Flowers

2019 is finally here! We’re so excited to start a new year, and we’re especially excited to get started on all of our resolutions. If your resolution includes spreading the love, or showing more kindness in your day to day life, we’re here to help! Start this month by sending flowers to loved ones near and far, for one of the many national holidays happening this month.

Hugging Day – January 21st

Hugging day is best celebrated in person, but that’s not always the case. For friends and family far away, send a warm, inviting arrangement to their home or office. We suggest something overflowing, like our best selling Blush Life. Whether you want to send a flower hug just for fun, or to someone who needs a little extra love, let Rosemary Duff do the talking.

Compliment Day – January 24th
Is there anything better than an unexpected compliment? At the grocery store or in the office, a small token of appreciation goes a long way. While you don’t need to wait for National Compliment Day to say something kind, let this day serve as a reason to go above and beyond what you normally do. Giving a coworker or neighbor a custom arrangement can go a long way! We love our small, but stunning Fireworks arrangement for Compliment Day.  

Spouses Day – January 26th
A special day to celebrate your soulmate, National Spouses Day is the perfect time to say thank you for all that your partner does for you. Say I love you with a custom arrangement or bouquet designed and delivered by our talented florists. You can’t go wrong with a traditional rose bouquet, or try something unique like our extravagant arrangement, appropriately titled, Hopelessly Devoted to You. Let your favorite person know just how special they are on the 26th!

All of these fun holidays are right around the corner, and they’re super easy to celebrate with our help. Simply customize your arrangement and order it online. We’ll take care of the rest. If you have any questions for our team, feel free to reach out at 760-745-1191.


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