5 Ways to Show Kindness

Spend today making friends and family loved! National Kindness Day is the perfect day to spread the love or make someone’s day. Read our blog to get more ideas on what activities to partake in today!

  1. Schedule a day date with a friend, coworker or family member. If there’s someone in your life that you haven’t seen in awhile this is a great opportunity to get together and catch up. Simply reaching out to a friend and let them know you were thinking about them.
  2. Get your family together and take an hour or two to clean up your neighborhood. This act of kindness positively affects your entire community. You can help protect the environment by recycling whatever you can find.
  3. Buy a pack of cards so you can hand write letters to friends and family members. These are perfect right before the holiday season and will completely brighten up someone’s life. Include information like the first time you met each other or their best qualities. This is such a touching activity, it will not go unnoticed!
  4. Spend some quality time in the kitchen if you prefer cooking or baking. Bake cookies that you can share, or plan a fancy dinner that you will enjoy at home with a significant other. Either way, they will enjoy the gesture and feel extra love from you on this day.
  5. Send a custom arrangement to someone you love, near or far. Take an arrangement to a nursing home or your office. We can create breathtaking arrangements that are customized for the recipient. We also offer online ordering that makes the entire process easy.

On this kindness day, we encourage you to feel the love surrounding you and share it outward. At Rosemary Duff, we like to think of everyday as kindness day because flowers are the perfect act of kindness. Contact us today to design your custom arrangement and send it in time for this day.



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