Fall Wedding Trends

September 22 marks the first official day of Fall and we can’t wait for the change of pace and change of flowers. Each year we look forward to the changes that come and allow us to create new arrangements and looks for our clients. We want to share some of our favorite Fall wedding trends for this year.

First let’s talk about colors! Greenery was Pantone’s’ color of the year for 2017, and we are still seeing big pushes of greenery within the wedding world. Taking the term as literally as possible, we see tons of simple branches and garlands of just leaves. With a hint of floral here and there, it makes for a beautiful wedding.

We also came across Pantone’s picks for the hottest colors for Fall and we couldn’t agree more! Here is a look at what they include:


A big trend in weddings throughout the summer and pushing into Fall is swings. One of our favorite venues, Bandy Canyon, has a beautiful swing that we love to decorate with flowers to fit the theme. All the guests love it and it’s a beautiful setting to take pictures as well.


Wild Bouquets

A trend we love that strays away from the more traditional bouquet look is one that is more rustic and messy. The goal is to make it look as fresh picked and wild as possible. With all the bohemian brides, this has definitely already been a popular choice when it comes to the bouquet.


Hanging Centerpieces

We’ve always loved the idea because it allows your guests to not only speak to each other across the table, but look around the entire venue space that you worked so hard to organize. Hanging flowers add a whimsical vibe to your wedding while also making a bold statement.


What Fall wedding trends are you excited for this year? We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us as the season changes and the air gets cooler. If you are interested in booking Rosemary Duff for your wedding, please visit our website or call us at (760) 745-1191.


Real Wedding: Valley Center

It was a beautiful fall day in Valley Center, CA, filled with love and happiness for the happy couple, Randi and RJ. Personal touches with all the natural elements incorporated from the venue are what made this wedding so special. A rustic, boho vibe was there but everything was also made to be simple.

With lots of greenery and foliage paired with a few pops of color in the bouquet and accents, the florals for this wedding perfectly complimented all other aspects. The bride wanted the color scheme to be timeless and incorporate natural elements. The couple also wanted to stay true to themselves, excluding some of the typical wedding traditions and focusing on their guests having a great time.



The day came together perfectly and the bride is thankful for all the help from family and friends. We were so happy to be able to be a part of this special day and wish the couple all the best. Special thanks to Maria Longhi Photography for these beautiful photos.

Football & Flowers



Are you ready for some football?! September is the month many people wait for all year long. The anticipation is tremendous, but the wait is finally over… It’s football season!

You may be thinking, what do flowers have to do with football? That is a good question because here at Rosemary Duff, we think flowers are the perfect addition to football and we are here to tell you why.

First of all, ever heard of the Rose Bowl? The annual college football game held right up the street in Pasadena, played every year on January 1st. This has been a tradition in the college football bowl series since 1916. Along with the much anticipated game, is a beautiful parade, where every float is made with flowers! Can we talk about a dream?!? We love to watch every year to get inspiration for our floral designs here in the shop.

Now on a much smaller scale, flowers can be a perfect addition for a tailgate or house party. Order an arrangement in your favorite team’s colors and it will add that extra touch to your upcoming football party. See below for a few examples that would be perfect for your next game.


San Diego State University (Scarlet & Black)


UCLA (Blue and Gold)




USC (Red and Gold)

HW0_372717 7.55.08 AM

Chargers (Powder Blue, White and Yellow)


Rams (Blue and Yellow)

Call us at (760) 745-1191 or visit our website to order flowers for your next football event. You are sure to impress your guests, and they might even bring your team some good luck!

National Just Because Day

Believe us when we say you don’t need a special reason to get flowers for friends, family, or yourself! National Just Because Day is this Sunday the 27th, and the perfect day to surprise your loved ones with flowers. If you still need a reason, here are our favorite “just because” reasons to give someone flowers.


Ready for Fall

Summer is finally coming to an end, and if you’re anything like us, you’re excited for fall. We love creating arrangements that truly bring autumn to life. You can order one today to use as a centerpiece in your home


Saying Sorry

Just Because Day isn’t the only national holiday coming up, National Kiss and Make Up Day is on the 25th. This day is all about the people who may find themselves in the dog house, use this weekend to say sorry. Flowers always do the trick!


Cheering Up

Sad or disappointing life events are unavoidable. Flowers, however, are a constant. When someone in your life is feeling blue, flowers are a go-to for cheering up. When picking out an arrangement, stick to bright colors to bring the cheer!


Thank You

When someone goes above and beyond for you, there’s really nothing better than to receive a thank you with flowers. Whether it’s a neighbor, or a coworker let them know you’re appreciative of the things they do for you.


Just Because

This is our favorite reason for giving flowers. Let the people in your life you know that you were thinking about them, and didn’t need a reason to. Put a smile on their face and surprise your friends with flowers at home, or work.


Most of the times people give flowers for a specific reason, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. We love hearing that people are getting flowers, just for the sake of doing something nice. You can quickly, and easily order arrangements online. Visit our website to order now.


National Friendship Day

National FriendshipDay.png

We spend most of our time with our friends, but how often do we really show our appreciation for them? This year, National Friendship Day is on August 6th. This day serves as a reminder for us to get together, and do something you love to do together. Of course, flowers should be involved. You can use flowers to get your message of love and appreciation across from near or far. Remember that you can send love from anywhere!  


Fashionista Blooms

This arrangement features green hydrangeas and yellow and pink roses, all in muted colors for a relaxed look. These blooms are great for National Friendship Day because hydrangeas are often known to show one’s gratefulness, while the pink and yellow roses are symbols of appreciation.VL_711250.jpg


This arrangement of gerberas is an instant eye-catcher, featuring a rainbow of daisies. In ancient Egypt, gerberas were thought to be close to the sun and nature, which meant they brought happiness. This makes them a no-brainer for National Friendship Day.



For the friend who is truly outstanding, this bright arrangement is hard to miss. Daisies are the main focus of this arrangement, while also featuring orange roses. Orange roses are known to mean enthusiasm, which is perfect to show your friend just how much they mean in your life.


For our full list of Friendship Day flower arrangements, you can visit our website. Whether your friend is a fan of lilies, roses, or sunflowers, there’s something for everyone. Remember that this day is all about spending time with friends, and showing appreciation for years of friendship. It’s easy and convenient to order online, and we also offer local delivery. Show your friends love this weekend with a custom arrangement.

Parent’s Day

Every year, the fourth Sunday of July is dedicated to celebrating parents. National Parent’s Day has been recognized since 1994 as a day to celebrate the people who have done it all for us and would gladly do it all over again. This day helps promote the importance of not only being a good parent but also how important parenting is in the development of a child.

Often times this day is celebrated by spending time doing things you love with your parents or parental figures, including outdoor activities or eating a nice meal together.

Here at Rosemary Duff, we think a great way to show your parents how much you care, whether you are with them or they are far away, is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! As we’ve talked about many times before, specific flowers have different meanings, so sending flowers that mean thank you or signify gratitude would be great for this day.

Here are a few of our favorites that would be beautiful as a gift for Mom and Dad, or anyone that acts as a parental figure in your life. If you would like to order flowers for your parents please call us at (760) 745- 1191 or visit our website!


Hydrangeas (gratitude)  


Sunflowers (adoration)

Dark Pink Roses (gratitude & appreciation)


National Simplicity Day

National Simplicity Day is July 11, and we’re excited to celebrate. Sometimes our floral designs are complex and we go all out for our clients. Other times, we keep it simple and work with delicate floral designs. We love working with both, but there’s something about working with very little material that creates a challenge for us. Keep reading to see some of our favorite, simple designs we’ve done.


When it comes to simple, don’t think you have to stay away from color, or a full arrangement. Here, we use sunflowers to completely fill the vase, and made it look full, but still simple. Red roses will always be a favorite. No matter how many you put together, there’s something so simple and timeless about their look. Don’t worry about them not filling a vase, or bouquet. Greenery is the perfect compliment.


Don’t sacrifice color, or do! If you want to keep your arrangement simple, don’t worry about skipping the color. With pops of it, you can keep your vision. On the other hand, these neutral David Austin roses are the epitome of simple in our book. They make a gorgeous wedding bouquet that only compliments the bride.



Did you know you can order right from our website? We pulled two of our favorite Simplicity Day arrangements. Remember, when trying to keep it simple, you don’t have to sacrifice fullness, or color. We can make it work. Call us today at 760-745-1191 or visit us online to order right from our website.