Celebrating Romance Awareness Month with Flowers

February isn’t the only romantic month on the calendar. Check your relationship’s pulse during Romance Awareness in August. While romance should be alive 365 days of the week, sometimes couples slack off and could use a little reminder on how to keep the spark alive in sickness and in health. Romance the one you love by sending them a custom arrangement delivered to their office (to make everyone else jealous) or surprise them at home!

Swoon Over Me Dozen Red Roses: With these stems, there is no doubt about it, they will know exactly how you feel when you surprise them with this expression of romance.

Your Light Shines: Show them how much their light shines on your life with this arrangement filled with roses, hydrangea, monte cassino asters, eucalyptus and salal.

Tender Love: For a new love or to let someone know that you’re thinking about them. Use this arrangement to show your tender side!

Garden of Gratitude: Simply tell them thank you for the love that they provide to you after all these years. Through in a little extra romance with a personalized card!

Love It!: Send your admiring love and thoughts with this creatively and hand-crafted flower design. “Love It!” is exactly what your recipient will say as it is hand-delivered right to their home or office.


Real Wedding: Quail Haven Farm

A dreamy wedding filled with purples, deep reds, blushes and greens. We love that San Diego allows for all seasons when it comes to outdoor weddings. Quail Haven Farm provided our flowers with an amazing backdrop. From the arch at the outdoor ceremony to the flowers laid out on the tables for the outdoor reception, no stem was left out.  And let’s talk about the amazing sweetheart table! That custom sign was really on point!

Thank you to Lisa Riley Photography for the photos and to the bride and groom for letting us in on your special day.


Real Wedding: Carmel Mountain Ranch Estate

San Diego truly offers the most incredible backdrops for getting married and Carmel Mountain Ranch Estate definitely is in one of the top! The venue is a florist’s dream because it offers lush landscaping so the flowers really pop.

Blushes, mixed with whites make for a neutral palate to really have some fun with. The bride chose anemone and roses, with some greenery mixed in. The outdoor ceremony greeted each guest with a large planter full of heavy blooms on either side, as the bride and groom got married under the gazebo that we draped with linen and some florals. The indoor ceremony was a picture perfect backdrop for all the neutral florals that we brought in.

Thanks to Teale Photography for all the wonderful photos and to the bride and groom for letting us in on their special day.

July Holidays to Send Flowers

When July approaches, people often think of the Fourth of July, but there are so many other reasons to send and order flowers. Here is our list of July holidays to send flowers.

July 1 National Postal Worker Day

They not only bring you the most important papers in your life, but they work hard at doing it. Show your postal worker appreciation by having a custom arrangement waiting for them at your mailbox. This holiday is especially great because you most likely have the same person delivering your mail everyday.

July 4 – Independence Day

Red, white and blue flowers are such a great touch to any Fourth of July event you may be attending or throwing yourself. Order flowers for centerpieces at your tables or bring an arrangement to the party you are going to. We bet the host would be blown away with your thoughtfulness!

July 11 National Cheer Up The Lonely Day

Not everyone may have someone to cheer them up. Find the person in your life who might not have people surrounded by them on a daily basis and cheer them up with some bright blooms or a basket full of treats.

July 15 National Get Out of the Dog House Day

The best way to get out of a “sticky” situation, where you may have to say “I’m sorry” is with flowers. Don’t sleep on the couch one more day, get your flowers ordered!

July 15 National Give Something Away Day

This is the perfect day to give flowers away. An idea is to order single flowers for a bunch of people you may work with and be the office champion with your flower giving skills.

July 18 Get to Know Your Customers Day

For anyone that may own a business, this is a great day to show your most loyal customers just how much they mean to your business. Send them flowers or go one step further and personally deliver them yourself. Don’t forget to include a card!

July 26 National Aunt and Uncle’s Day

Show Aunt Jane or Uncle John just how much they mean to you. We bet they don’t even know they have an official day, so sending flowers will be that much more of a surprise. If your uncle isn’t into blooms, we suggest a basket of his favorite treats.

July 27 National Love is Kind Day

Show just how kind love is with a custom arrangement of loving blooms like roses, or something of the pink selection. Whether it’s a significant other, your mom or just someone who could use some extra love, we know flowers will do the trick!

July 28 National Parent’s Day

Mom and dad do it all for you, so it’s time to do something for them. Show them that you have been paying attention all these years and order a custom arrangement to be delivered near or far just to say thank you.

July 30 National Father-in-Law Day

You married into the family, so now it’s time to really win them over. Show your father-in-law just how special he is by giving him a basket full of treats or a plant that he can watch grow.

The Color of Flowers and Emotional Health

If you had to choose the same color for the rest of your life, what would it be? Would you guess that the color you choose would also have an affect on your emotional health? What about when it comes to flowers? For example, someone who wants to express an “I love you” would send roses, right?

When it comes to emotional health, the color of flowers take on a whole new meaning.  Tradition dictates that certain flowers and colors are associated with specific occasions. However, in terms of emotional health, color choices take on different meanings. Draw upon the power of flowers to improve your emotional health, or that of someone you love with some of these colors.

Red, traditionally associated with love and romance, a red flower has a positive effect on the immune system. Consider sending red flowers to someone who has recently experienced an illness. Red is also an energizing color for those who suffer from fatigue or exhaustion.

Violet has a calming effect on the mind and nerves. It is uplifting, and encourages creativity. Send this color flower when you want to lift someone up when they may be having a bad day.

Yellow, psychologically, is the happiest color in the spectrum. It symbolizes the sun, and evokes happy and radiant feelings. It is a friendly color that encourages communication. Yellow also stimulates the memory and the nervous system. Consider sending this color when you want to remind a friend just how much they mean to you.

Orange conveys optimism and encourages socialization. It is also associated with determination and success. Send these flowers to someone who just got a big promotion or is on the job hunt right after college.

Blue, just as the blue sky and the blue ocean are considered constants in our world, blue is perceived as dependable and trustworthy. Blue invokes feelings that are calm, cool and sedate. Send this color flower to someone who needs to be reminded to slow down and breathe.

Green creates a feeling of tranquility. It conveys a sense of freshness and renewal. Green also signifies prosperity and progress. Consider sending this flower when someone gets engaged or to the newly married, or remarried couple.

Pink is associated with joy. Brighter pinks, similar to reds, stimulate energy, increasing the blood pressure, heartbeat and respiration. Softer pink hues convey a sense of sweetness and romance. Send this color flower when you want to show someone that you love them.

White symbolizes openness. White blooms are most often associated with purity, honesty and perfection. Consider sending this flower when someone has a new baby or gets baptized.

Whatever color you choose, remember that according to research, sending flowers to someone will create a sense of happiness, which is always great for their emotional health. Order your colored flowers from us today!


June Holidays to Send Flowers For

You don’t always need a specific day to send flowers. If you are looking for some ideas, here are the holidays happening in June.

June 1 – Say Something Nice Day

Spread kindness and let those around you know you care – say something nice today and say it with flowers!  Nothing gets your message across like a billowing bouquet filled with fresh cut florals.

June 8 – Best Friends Day

Your go-to, Ride-or-die, best friend forever… Whatever you call them, they’re always there for you! Let them know you’re thinking about them on this day by sending flowers to them at home or work! Rosemary Duff is happy to deliver a message of love to your bestie!

June 11 – Make Life Beautiful Day

Need we say more? We might be bias, but the best way to make life beautiful is with flowers! Whether you’re sending a custom arrangement to a friend, or you’re buying them for yourself, flowers are sure to brighten up any room, and make your day beautiful!

June 12 – Red Rose Day

Roses are red… Well, you know the rest! But on this day, we only care about red roses. A true sign of romance and love, red roses are a staple bouquet item when you really want to show someone how special they are. Send gorgeous red roses on this day to celebrate!

June 16 – Father’s Day

You might not think of flowers as your first choice for Father’s Day, but we bet he wouldn’t expect it. If your dad isn’t a flower guy, there are always custom baskets with snacks and more of his favorite items.

June 21 – First Day of Summer

Bring on the warm weather! The first day of Summer is here! We love when the weather starts to warm up and brings a whole new season of flowers with it. If you’re excited for the official start of summer, make sure you celebrate with a gorgeous arrangement of summer florals.

June 23 – Pink Day

If you have a princess in your life that loves the color pink, they’re in luck. At the end of June is a day they’ve been waiting for. Pink Day is the perfect time to pick out the most pink flowers to create a custom arrangement.

Celebrate these fun holidays this June, but don’t do it alone! Let the florists at Rosemary Duff get your message across with a gorgeous flower arrangement! Don’t forget to order online.

May is National Recommitment Month

May is National Recommitment Month, which is the perfect time to evaluate the important areas of your life and refocus. By setting aside time to check-in and recommit to things like your spouse, or your career, allows you to get back on the path of moving forward.

Let Rosemary Duff Florist be at the forefront of your efforts with a custom arrangement to set the mood for recommitting. A nice, thoughtful gift can make someone in your life get recommitted to a goal they might have otherwise been pushing off.


Everyone knows that a happy wife, is a happy life, or vice versa. Start the month off by recommitting to being spontaneous. Order flowers just because or have a goal of giving your spouse flowers every Tuesday. We bet you will see a smile all month long just because you were thoughtful and spontaneous. Flowers are a great way to say the things that you might otherwise not know how to express.


When you go to work everyday, you want it to be a place of positivity and passion. Recommit to showing co-workers, or your boss, just how thoughtful you can be this month. Flowers are a great way to cheer up someone who might not be in a great mood. Flowers are also a great way to reward someone who has met their goals for the month. Change it up and offer a basket of treats as a way of saying thank you for your hard work.


We all know that life happens and sometimes a simple phone call falls on the list of things we didn’t do. Recommit to staying in touch with your family members by setting a reminder to send flowers this month. A custom arrangement with a thoughtful card can go a long way in case you don’t always get to talk to them.


When we think of flowers, we may always think about sending them to others, but why not send them to yourself? Studies show that having flowers in your home reduces stress, boosts the mood and increases compassion. Do yourself a favor and recommit to doing something nice for yourself, flowers included!

Recommit this month and order custom arrangements or stop in the shop.