Graduation 2017

It is officially graduation season and it’s time to celebrate a huge milestone in your loved one’s lives! Whether it’s from kindergarten, or all the way up to college, graduation is a significant day in many lives. Over the next month, we want to help you enjoy the day with a little help from our flowers!


Leis have been a graduation tradition for many years. Leis signify the arrival or departure of something, so it is only fitting that they are given to graduates who are departing from their years of schooling and moving on to a new chapter in life. We can even incorporate the school colors into the leis by using dies and pompoms, along with the actual flowers.

graduation-leis 12.49.58 PM

Another great gift to give the graduate is a bouquet of flowers. It’s an easy, yet beautiful way to congratulate them for all the hard work they have put in over the years. Adding in flowers with special meanings or even the school colors, are the perfect personal touch that won’t go unnoticed.



bright flowers 2


And if you’re having a graduation party, flowers are an easy way to add decorations without breaking the bank. Anything from small table centerpieces to huge name arrangements will add just a little something extra to the party.

customsunflower centerpiece
Whether it’s a small gift or a large gift, we want to help you make it memorable. Graduating from any level of schooling is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated in the best way, with flowers of course. Give us a call at (760) 745-1191, order online or stop by the shop to get your graduate a bouquet or arrangement they are sure to love.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has been celebrated as far back as the ancient Roman and Greek times, as well as Christian festivals. Here in the US, it all began during the Civil War as a special day to teach mothers how to care for their children. During war times, it was celebrated to promote peace and eventually accepted as the Mother’s Day we know today, after Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her late mother (Ann Reeves Jarvis) and all that she did for her.

There are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, from gifts to brunches, to phone calls, but our favorite is flowers! It is said that about one fourth of the flower purchases made for the year are made for Mother’s Day and the most common flower purchased is the carnation. Red and pink are for the mothers we are blessed with everyday and white are to remember the mothers we have lost.


We would truly be lost without our mothers and they never get enough appreciation for all that they do for us. Although they have a special day just for them, we encourage celebrating your mom all the time! The smallest thank you means the most to a mom and we know they would truly do anything for their children! Happy Mother’s Day! To order any of these fabulous arrangements visit us online or call the shop at 760-745-1191.


Administrative Proffesionals Day

If you’ve ever worked in an office you’ll understand how important it is that everything runs smoothly. There’s usually a small team of people that is responsible for this, always behind the scenes with little recognition. It’s your administrative team that holds everything together. Administrative Professionals Day is all about recognizing the person or team that you couldn’t get along without. What better way to say thanks on April 26 than with a beautiful bouquet.
Admin Prof Day.png

What is Administrative Professionals Day?

This day is all about celebrating the secretaries, administrative assistants, and receptionists in your workplace. Whether you’re the boss, or coworkers, chances are you’ve benefited from their work at some point or another. Sometimes their work can go unrecognized, but it’s important to show support, especially on this special day.


Say it with Flowers

Flowers have so many meanings, that’s why they’re great for different occasions. For administrative professionals day you’ll want to show appreciation and thanks for all that they do.



Symbolizing happiness and sunshine, sunflowers are sure to brighten someone’s day. Sunflowers will bring joy, and promise of a beautiful summer.

DSC_0081-Edit.jpg IMG_1060.JPG

Yellow and Pink Roses

Roses are easily one of the most popular flowers, and they come in all colors of the rainbow. Pink roses are perfect for Administrative Professionals Day because they show appreciation. Yellow roses are perfect for brightening someone’s day, especially because they symbolize friendship. Let your administrative team know that you care.

IMG_1065 (1).JPG DSC_0046-Edit.jpg

Bright and Colorful

If you aren’t worried about meanings of flowers, you can’t go wrong with a bright, spring themed bouquet. Bouquets full of color will bring joy to Administrative Professional’s Day. We have so many options for custom arrangements, filled with fun florals.
colorful arrangement.jpg

Show your appreciation to the person that makes your work life easier. Administrative professionals do so much for us, we’re happy to show we care and appreciate everything that goes on behind the scenes.


To see all arrangements that will be perfect for the occasion, or to get a specific message accross, find admin arrangements on our website. You can order online or call us at 760-745-1191.


Real Wedding: Bandy Canyon

Another bright and beautiful wedding for us, this time at Bandy Canyon Ranch. We were able to combine classic white calla lilies with unique proteas in vibrant colors to make for a stunning look.

Classic pieces are always a must, but we love when we get to play around with fun structural pieces. For this wedding our bride and groom were wed underneath a beautiful wooden pergola which we draped and adorned with huge florals, feathers and greenery. At the head of the aisle were two huge vases. And for the reception? An unexpected, but adorable swing that we laced with colorful buds.

While all of this was beautiful, our favorite part of this wedding had to be the flower grandma! What a sentimental and charming touch to add to this love filled day for Carly and Tom.

Photos by: Brett Butterstein



Prom Season

Prom season is in full swing, and we’re behind the scenes creating custom corsages and boutonnieres for everyone. Trends are always changing, but we’re loving what this season is bringing into our shop. From greenery, to pops of color, what’s your favorite?



The Pantone color of the year is Greenery. We love this because we can bring elements of green into everything we do, especially succulents. Recently we’ve seen many more succulents in the shop. To get the full effect, we recommend mixing succulents with florals.

RosemarysDuffFlorist-8.jpg RosemarysDuffFlorist-2.jpg

We’re big fans of mixing white florals with succulents to create a timeless look that will go with almost any dress and any style.


Pops of Color

To really bring attention to your corsage or boutonniere, we recommended bringing in pops of color. This can tie in the colors or the dress, or simply help it stand out. Using the accents, like ribbon and jewelry, can bring out the color in the flowers. The bold colors, like a deep blue, make the white flowers stand out.


RosemarysDuffFlorist-4 RosemarysDuffFlorist-7



For years, corsages and boutonnieres always had to match perfectly. This year, things are changing! Now, you don’t have to worry about making them coincide perfectly. We like to bring in elements that are the same, but don’t match completely. For example, either the ribbons are the same, or jewelry, or even the flowers. This helps if you and your date have differing styles.
RosemarysDuffFlorist-6 RosemarysDuffFlorist-5

If you’re going to prom, you’ll want full control over your floral designs. At Rosemary Duff, we work with you to get the exact design you want. To order your corsages and boutonnieres call us at 760-745-1191.


Think Outside the Flower Field

Think outside the flower field this year with your wedding flowers! A big trend we’ve seen and are loving is using vegetables and herbs within the florals of a wedding. There are so many amazing vegetables to incorporate into a bouquet in subtle ways that will add an element of surprise. We’ve done a few weddings where we have incorporated cabbages, artichokes, carrots and mushrooms. We have even added a few fruits, like apples and pomegranates.


BridalParty_084 10.43.49 AM

Carrots and Apples


Pomegranates, Mushrooms and Artichokes


We also searched around to see if we could find some more unique ways to incorporate veggies into wedding florals and found a few ideas! One of our favorites is asparagus as centerpieces. The tall stalks add a height element to the table without overwhelming the guests.
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.11.30 AM

We also love this bouquet that features almost solely veggies. With brussels sprouts as the focal point, different leafy greens as fillers and pops of color with tomatoes and radishes, this bouquet is the epitome of a veggie bouquet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.11.41 AM

We are loving this trend and hope to be able to incorporate more veggies into our bride’s florals. Maybe this has inspired you to think green and use vegetables in an unconventional but beautiful way. We would love to help you vision come to life, so visit our website or call us at (760)745-1191 to start planting your wedding garden. 

Real Wedding: Bernardo Winery

We love Bernardo Winery weddings, especially in the Summer!! Finally getting around to blogging this one from July 2016. We have been very busy this wedding season!!

The bride wanted BRIGHT colors and an organic feel throughout…so we got to play! We used a mix of yellow, burgundy, orange, coral, and cream, with elsa roses, blue thistle, billy balls and gerbera daisies. We added in green hydrangea, tulips and dahlias to really make it go over the top.

Thank you to Aaron Huniu Photography for the photos and to the bride and groom, Laura and Marshall, for letting us in on your special day!

bridal-party bride-and-dad-aisle bride-and-groom bride-bouquet-2 bride-bouquet bridesmaid-bouquet bridesmaids-2 bridesmaids cake-flowers ceremony flower-details flower-girl-2 flower-girl flowers-2 flowers gazebo-flowers walkingn-down-aisle wedding-cake winery