Bailey’s Palomar Resort: Mountaintop Wedding

If you haven’t been to Bailey’s Palomar Resort yet, you are MISSING OUT!!  Baileys is among the most unique and wonderful wedding venues in Southern California, right in our backyard.

This wedding screamed rustic, mountaintop through and through. We loved the choice of flowers that the bride wanted to incorporate, to set the tone of her mountainside wedding. Thanks to True Photography Weddings for the photos and of course, to the bride and groom for letting us in on your special day!!

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Flower of the Month- August

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Another month, another flower. This month’s flower is the beautiful gladiolus. With over 250 species that are native worldwide, it’s no wonder these flowers are so popular. Keep reading to learn more about August’s flower.

As mentioned above, there are over 250 different kinds of gladiolus, ranging in color, shape and size. Colors range from pink and purple to orange and red, providing a great variety to add into any floral arrangement. These flowers have tall sword-like stems, that only grow flowers on one side.


Dating back to ancient times, gladioli stand for strength and integrity. Often referred to as sword lilies, due to the shape of the leaves, gladioli get their name from the latin word, gladius, which means sword. Gladioli also symbolize infatuation and it is thought that if you give someone a bouquet of gladioli you are “piercing their hearts with passion.” This makes them the perfect candidate for a 40th wedding anniversary flower.


At Rosemary-Duff, we offer a variety of beautiful options that incorporate gladiolus. They make for big, dramatic arrangements that are perfect for special occasions. Visit us in store, on our website or call us at 760-745-1191 to order your flower of the month! 

National Sisters Day


Sister, Sister! This Sunday, August 7th, is National Sister Day. What better way to celebrate your sister and the great bond you share then by sending her flowers! We know first hand just how special sisters can be, since we have been working together for more years than we can remember!

To celebrate this special day, set a reminder for the first Sunday of August, and call up your favorite sister and let her know how much you appreciate her. Nothing is quite like the bond sisters have and that is why it’s so important to celebrate with a custom flower arrangement. Even if you aren’t physically together, you can still show them how much you care by delivering a colorful arrangement so they know that you are thinking of them on this day!


Incorporating bright, big flowers makes for a pretty piece. August’s flower of the month is a gladiolus, which could also be a bright addition to your bouquet.

Maybe you don’t have a biological sister, that’s okay! Sending flowers to your best girlfriend, a close relative (aunt or cousin) or even a sorority sister is a special way to tell someone how much you care about them and appreciate them being in your life.


Whether it be a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with, a sister will always be on your side. Flower your sister and head over to our website to check out all the beautiful arrangements we have to offer that your sister is sure to love!  

Not Your Average Backyard, Cliffside Wedding

Backyard weddings are one thing, but this takes it to a whole new level. I mean, what an amazing space we had to work with. One of the coolest homes we have seen and of course that view.

We used a lot of natural elements, coupled with some dark maroons and blues to give this wedding a bit of a Southwest touch, but keeping with the bright vibe! We had so much fun working on this wedding, from the flower towers to the custom succulent love sign that the bride and groom had at their ceremony.

Thank you to Laura Christin Photography and of course to Erica and Conor for letting us in on your special day.

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Flower of the Month

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.13.18 AM

Although July is halfway over, it’s never too late to learn about the beautiful flower of the month. July is the month of the delphinium (also commonly known as a larkspur). Continue reading to find out more about this beautiful flower.

Commonly used in gardens and outside greenery, delphiniums are tall, perennial flowers (lasting two years or more) that produce beautiful blooms ranging from bright blues to deep purples. As mentioned above, delphiniums are also commonly known as larkspurs but are not exactly the same, due to the fact that larkspurs are annuals (complete a life cycle within a year), but are still closely related in the plant kingdom.

Another fun fact about delphiniums includes the history of its name. Delphinium comes from the latin word, meaning dolphin. The bud and spurs of the delphinium plant resemble that of a dolphin which is why this name is so appropriate.


You may be wondering how a plant that is mostly grown for outside enjoyment can be good for indoor flower arrangements. Adding height and dimension to an outside garden is what this flower is typically used for, and they can be used for a similar purpose inside as well. Using these flowers in a centerpiece for a wedding or at the dinner table is a great way to add an interesting height and texture variation to the piece. Also, their bright blue and purple tones are a great way to add a pop of color to a room, especially in the vibrant months of Summer.

Another great way to incorporate delphiniums into everyday life is by sending them to friends. Do you have someone who is preparing for an interview, maybe a friend that needs encouragement? Delphiniums are the perfect flower for this because they symbolize striving for goals, protection and celebrating positivity. The shades of blue especially mean dignity and grace, which are perfect to give to someone you think highly of.


Celebrate July and celebrate life by ordering a bouquet of delphiniums. Now that you’ve learned a little more about the flower of the month, you can head over to our website and check out the beautiful options we offer that include this vibrant flower of the month.

Flowers for the Fourth

Flowers add a little something extra to every event and the Fourth of July is no different. Many times people think the only way to incorporate flowers is just putting them in a vase on a table, which is also a great option, but there are other ways to add festive touches and unique color combinations that still align with the theme.

Table Scapes

Adding a beautiful flower arrangement to your table is the perfect way to add more red, white and blue into your dinner party. Whether it’s a big bouquet on a serving table to add some dramatic flare, or a low centerpiece for the table to make sure everyone can see each other, using flowers is an easy way to enhance any dinner table.

Unique Flair

Maybe you don’t necessarily need to add more red, white and blue to your home, but still want a pretty flower arrangement to add some pop to your home or to bring to the party. Using other factors from the Fourth of July, like fireworks, could be a great option. Brighter colors like yellows and oranges and textured flowers add a different element to the event and make for a unique flower arrangement.


Another great way to add a festive touch is by adding other non-flower items into your arrangements. Things like small American flags, stars, festive ribbon or even colored vases can give your flowers a little something extra and make them stand out in your house or on a table.


All of these arrangements and more are available on our website or in store. Fourth of July is right around the corner, so start thinking about how you will incorporate a beautiful arrangement into your holiday festivities.   

Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding

We love our city and our local wedding venues so much!! Twin Oaks Garden Estate never disappoints and proves to be one of the best backdrops for outdoor weddings. We always jump for joy when we get to come back to this beautiful, vintage garden that is right in our backyard. If you haven’t visited this place yet, you must go!!!

Now….queue the wedding details. From the burgundy to the dark purples, this wedding was more like shades of red. We loved the succulents that the bride wanted to add throughout and we actually think these bouts turned out to be some of our favorites…EVER!!

Thank you to Christina Marie Photography for the AMAZING photos and of course to Ivanah and Gabe for letting us in on your special day!!

up close flowers colorful bout bouquet gazebo flowers 3 gazebo flowers gazebo flowers 2 flower girl bouquet 2 bride walking down aisle mr and mrs succulents centerpieces flower girls bridal party bride groom kissing