Thanksgiving Florals

With Thanksgiving only a few days away we are busy, busy, busy making beautiful arrangements. There are so many different ways to incorporate flowers into your holiday and this year we have a lot of really unique options to choose from.

Pumpkins are not just for October! Incorporating them into an arrangement or centerpiece is one of our favorite things to do, especially for the Thanksgiving dinner table. They are festive and have a long life span so you can enjoy your arrangement for the whole month. Adding unique touches like gold paint or succulents spices things up and makes for a more non-traditional center piece that your guests are sure to be talking about for months. Below are some examples of our favorite pumpkin florals.

Another great feature to add to a Thanksgiving centerpiece are candles. They are a great way to add to the ambiance when it gets dark outside and it adds height to the centerpiece, without blocking your guests from seeing each other across the table.



As always, incorporating fall colors and items is a great way to add to the theme of your dinner party. Deep reds, oranges and greenery make for a beautiful combination. We also love to add cranberries to give more of a festive feel. One of our favorite center pieces this year was a cornucopia that we piled high with leaves, baby squash and fresh florals. Who needs a turkey when you have a centerpiece like this.  

The holidays are approaching quickly so make sure you stop by the store, call us at 760-745-1191 or order online to ensure you have the florals you want this holiday season!

November: Flower of the Month

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 3.47.57 PM.png

We can’t believe another month has already come and gone, but we are excited to share another flower of the month with you for November! Chrysanthemums (also known as mums) come in a variety of different colors including shades of orange, yellow and red which make them a perfect compliment to any fall floral arrangement.

Originating in China during the 15th century, the chrysanthemums are part of “The Four Gentlemen” which also includes the plum blossom, the orchid and bamboo. It was often used in art, especially to represent autumn. They often used the flower as an herbal remedy or in teas.


As we know, different colors on flowers signify different attributes. Red chrysanthemums express true love like most red flowers, yellow refers to wounded hearts and white means honesty. Chrysanthemums are also typically given on Mother’s Day, signifying joy and optimism.

Another fun fact about chrysanthemums has to do with the World Series! We all know that it just ended with the the Cubs WINNING after 108 years. Why is this relevant you might wonder? Because Chrysanthemums are the official flower of the city of Chicago! We are certain that the people of Chicago will be celebrating all month long and throwing these flowers in the streets of the parade!

November is a time of being thankful and we sure do have a lot to be thankful for, including all the wonderful flowers this world has to offer! We will see you all back here next month for another flower, but in the meantime, stop by our shop or visit us online!


Bohemian Black Tie

Oh boy was this one emotional! We had the pleasure of providing all the florals for our beloved nephew Brian and his beautiful wife Eileen’s wedding, and it turned out better than we could have ever expected.

Starting off at a stunning Spanish-Gothic church and moving to the beautiful Maderas Golf Club in Poway, CA the day was filled with love and tons of unique flower arrangements.

We were also honored to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes along with everyone that contributed to this amazing wedding. A excerpt from the blog tells you just what Eileen was thinking when she envisioned what her special day would be like:

“We really wanted to incorporate a mixture of cultures and religion. We chose a Catholic Spanish-Gothic church full of candles, dark woods and a huge imported gold alter. We had vintage European relics and Ethiopian Coptic crosses all over the venue and our escort cards were replicated “love” Tarot cards. We both have a deep respect and interest in different philosophies of belief and wanted to showcase that in our eclectic décor. I asked for only textures and shades of creams/whites for our outdoor lounge and table scape. Then all the accents were natural reclaimed woods, vintage brass objects and organic florals and succulents. We placed my designed animal skulls EVERYWHERE and it was a huge focal point in our lounge. I am sure some thought it was a weird accent for a wedding but then again… what did they expect!”

This Bohemian Black Tie Wedding will always hold a special place in our hearts and we hope you love the pictures as much as we loved being a part of this wonderful day!


Fall & Halloween

It’s that time of year again, Fall is upon us! There are so many fun ways to incorporate Fall into your flower arrangements this time of year and we would love to help you do so.

With Fall comes deeper colors for flowers and we love the selection this time of year. Orange, red, purple and maroon are just some of the rich colors we have to choose from when making your arrangements. Another great part about this time of year is the variety of flowers that begin to bloom. See our blog on this month’s flower, the Marigold, but also look out for flowers like carnations, gladiolus, iris, lavender, orchids and poppies. These are all great options to consider, whether you just want a pretty bouquet for a special someone, or are planning a big event like a dinner or wedding.

Speaking of big events, there are a lot of them during this time of year. From Halloween to Thanksgiving there are many times when a good flower arrangement is needed. Here at the shop we LOVE halloween and think it is a great way to incorporate flowers in a unique and spooky way.


Pumpkins are obviously a big part of the Halloween/Fall season and we love to incorporate them in anyway we can! From center pieces on a table, to entryway accessories the possibilities are endless. We’ve even done a few weddings with pumpkins because you truly can’t go wrong with the staple of Fall decorations.



The options are endless when it comes to decorating for Fall. Over the top or subtle, we love incorporating flowers in anyway we can and with so many options and colors to choose from this season, our jobs are easy! Head on over to our website to see all of our beautiful Fall arrangements and order today!

October Flower of the Month: Marigold


It’s another month, and another flower to go with it. Marigold’s are the flower of the month for October, and after one look you’ll understand why. The marigold’s signature color is a deep orange and yellow, which makes it perfect for autumn and October birthdays. It’s believed that marigolds were used to treat minor abrasions and even chapped lips. They are known to be easy to grow, making them a popular choice for first time gardeners. Experienced gardeners love them, too, as their scent keeps pests away from vegetable gardens.


In the past, Marigolds were popular because they were used for just about anything. They were used for dying fabric, and treating different health ailments, and sometimes even seasoning food. They are also referred to as one of the hardiest fall flowers. As well as being the birthday flower for October, Marigolds are used during the Dia De Los Muertos celebration in Mexico. They’re strung into colorful garland and placed on the graves of loved ones. The smell is thought to guide the spirits to heaven, and the bright orange and yellow symbolizes the sun and light.

Start fall off right and celebrate with a custom arrangement of orange and yellow marigolds. Visit our website to order yours today!

A Golden Door Wedding

The Golden Door never ceases to amaze us every time that we enter that beautiful place. We have done many events here, but never a wedding. There is a FIRST for everything…

The bride, Jackie, trusted Sue with everything. She had a vision and Sue made it come to life, like she always does. From the chandelier flowers to the most amazing organic arbor we have EVER done, this wedding was so much fun to work on!

The laid back style of the bride and groom added to the overall vintage feel of the wedding. The flowers and of course the love was in FULL BLOOM!! Enjoy these amazing photos from Deer Lovers Photography.

Thank you to Jackie and Dave for letting us in on your special day! And of course to the Golden Door…

jackie_dave_wedding-144 jackie_dave_wedding-148 jackie_dave_wedding-158 jackie_dave_wedding-149 jackie_dave_wedding-147 jackiedave_wedding-121 jackie_dave_wedding-218 jackiedave_wedding-322 jackie_dave_wedding-191 jackie_dave_wedding-163 jackiedave_wedding-50 jackie_dave_wedding-198 jackie_dave_wedding-197 jackie_dave_wedding-221 jackie_dave_wedding-216 jackie_dave_wedding-186 jackie_dave_wedding-223 jackie_dave_wedding-193 jackie_dave_wedding-214 jackie_dave_wedding-222 jackie_dave_wedding-421 jackiedave_wedding-359 jackiedave_wedding-134


A Valley Center, Cliffside Wedding

This Valley center wedding was for the son of my friend from high school. A casual outdoor wedding at my friend’s home that is designed with a natural rustic feel.

The father of the groom built the home and landscape. On our initial walk thru, the bride wanted to use the reception area as the ceremony area but after seeing the majestic view from the pool, we suggested to have the ceremony on the rocks below the pool. So, the father of groom built the platform, that will last a lifetime, for the ceremony.

The mother of the groom works for a tree cutting company and one of the arborists custom built the benches used at the ceremony.

They had 185 guests and not one person left until the music stopped at midnight. They had a Mexican style buffet with custom tacos, quesadillas, and salsa bar. The dessert bar with a candy hutch, next to the cake/cupcake table was a hit with all the guests. A beautiful lounge area was set up to watch the dancing under the palapa.

We were hired in the full event capacity for this wedding and brought in the staff, bartenders, games, photo booth, candy bar, and helped with negotiations of the dinner. Don’t forget that we don’t just do flowers.

Enjoy these amazing photos from France Photographers.

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